turn refresh event no more working on turn 1 (1.7.7)

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turn refresh event no more working on turn 1 (1.7.7)

Post by mich »

It seems that turn refresh event does work no more on turn 1. This is not a great problem, but it cause some problems on some scenarios (The_Long_March in the south guard is an example, and probably some others too). In that scenarios the elves lose all their movements in a turn refresh event, but in the first turn they can move and this put you in great trouble. Probably this problem afflicts also Crossroads in httt (yes, the new version that uses turn refresh instead of side x turn). Not tested, but maybe this problem afflicts also side x turn events.
If you want I can attach a save game of The_Long_March scenario.
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Re: turn refresh event no more working on turn 1 (1.7.7)

Post by AI »

Turn refresh was never changed after being added:
changelog wrote:* new event "turn refresh" occurs after healing, calculating income, and restoring movement (note: this intentionally excludes the first turn)
The issues you raise are real though.
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