Freezes when I start a scenario

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Freezes when I start a scenario

Post by fmorel90 »

Windows Vista
Core 2 Duo 2GHz
2GB ram
GeForce 8500 GT

I was playing fine this morning, I did the first scenario in the tutorial and started the second.
When I came back this evening, the game loaded fine, I get through the storyline at the beginning of every scenario. But as soon as I click a square to try to do something, the game freezes.

Edit: I just played a whole turn and then it froze. The music keeps playing though.

Edit: If I turn off Compressed Saves I can play a whole scenario. But I can't save at all and I get stuck at a dialog that says something like "Error, could not save" after a scenario.

Edit: 1.5.0 works without any problems for me.

Edit: Not anymore. If I quit and play again later, saving freezes the game. I tried 1.3.? as well. I loaded 1.2.? this morning, but I'm at school right now. I'll see if it still works tonight.
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Re: Freezes when I start a scenario

Post by nataS »

I have similar issues with my Core 2 Duo on Vista, game loads very slow and often freezes (stops responding). When I wait long enough however the game starts responding again. This happens both for the P4 optimization and safe mode. For both Wesnoth 1.4.1 and 1.5.0, I believe it started with the introduction of the optimizations. I however don't know what kind of changes were made, does it make sense or would it have to run as fast as before on "safe mode".

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Re: Freezes when I start a scenario

Post by Mist »

Optimisations were introduced as a (imperfect) way of addressing this issue, not the other way around. In short, boost iostreams compiled with mingw gcc 4.x has a ton of hard to explain issues with newer Intel architectures. It causes unexplained crashes or freezes on some PCs sporting P4 or Core Duo (especialy in multiplayer) that seem to have no other common factor with exception of CPU arch.
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