Scenario 05b: Isles of the Damned

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a better strategy for HttT Isle of the Damned

Post by Graakhatmeksha » May 22nd, 2019, 7:42 pm

Using the following strategy I have finished this scenario in only 20 turns on maximum difficulty. [version 1.14.8(6)] In the previous Bay of Pearls scenario I try to develop a merman fighter (preferably quick) with the trident, and the mermaid initiate. Then I start by recalling them and recruiting one or two quick thugs and as many footpads as I can, sending all of them north with Konrad while the original two mermen head south to grab and defend villages. Staying close to the NE coast tends to attract enough attackers that I can level both the trident guy and the initiate with easy kills. Then rush the northern lich around daybreak and eliminate him during the day (turn 9-10). By then you should have enough gold to summon a castle full of additional units, and head south through the temples with the trident and the initiate blasting now along the NW coast and helping eliminate the southern lich about turn 20-22.
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