Scenario Review: THoT 9 - Forbidden Forest

Feedback for the mainline campaign The Hammer of Thursagan.

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Re: Scenario Review: THoT 9 - Forbidden Forest

Post by LordWolfDan » November 16th, 2018, 7:22 pm

(1) What difficulty levels have you played the scenario on?

- 1.14.5, Easy

(2) How difficult did you find the scenario? (1-10)

- 5

(3) How clear did you find the scenario objectives?

- Clear

(4) How clear and interesting did you find the dialog and storyline of the scenario?

- Very interesting. I could have expected a scenario with elves being the enemies as dwarves and elves don't get along. Plus it seemed like the elves got pummeled by masked dwarves that they go attack every dwarf they see! Plus it's odd to come from Aiglondur how he doesn't want to fight elves.

(5) What were your major challenges in meeting the objectives of the scenario?

- What can I say? Woses, elves, more elves and MORE WOSES! God, this scenario didn't give me a break

(6) How fun do you think the scenario is? (1-10)

- 6

(7) What, if any, are changes you would have made to the scenario to make it more fun?

- If you defeat the elvish high lord, there should be a dialogue where he reveals some info about these masked dwarves, and then, a masked dwarf could show up and attack the dwarves.

(8) Was there any event that caused you to lose the game and forced you to reload or restart the scenario?

- None

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