Descent into Darkness story made into full game.

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Descent into Darkness story made into full game.

Post by Zephandrypus »

I have an obsession with necromancy and liches, and Wesnoth's story has really been the only source of media to scratch my itch. What I plan for is to get a game developed where you become a lich and get revenge on everyone. With my obsessive levels of passion and knowledge, and after acquiring enough drugs, I firmly believe that I can make this dream into a reality.

Name: The Birth of a Lich (named after a Wesnoth add-on that gave me the idea)

Concept Overview:
- Every human being has at some point thought about getting powers and then getting revenge on everyone who wronged you. This is that in game form, with lichdom being the powers granted.

You are a wimp boy who is bullied to [censored] and mentally unstable. You get locked in an abandoned building and find a book of necromancy. Over an arbitrary period of time you learn more dark magic than you'll ever need, then finally have enough power to become a lich and confront everyone openly.

Gameplay Mechanics:
- The slave you get from a corpse varies wildly depending on location, what the person was in life, and the necromancer's emotions towards the person in question.
- There is a slow wanted level of sorts that advances throughout the game, though the area has a limited supply of forces. It goes kids > adults > police > military > national threat.
- Spells are based on combinations of resources. Like to see far away you need eyeballs of various organisms. To apply force you need limbs. To raise from the dead you need bone dust or blood. You have to choose between slaves or spells.

Standout Features:
- Lichdom and necromancy automatically make it one of the most original games there is.
- Instead of interfaces, things are handled mostly automatically with realism and magic.
- You get to play the epitome of evil in a non-cheesy way.
- You can choose to not advance at all. Leave the book in the building, work out, and use persistence and intelligence to get revenge.
- Switch between RTS and FPS. RTS controls minions and FPS casts spells.

Extra Features:
- A lot of dialogue that is based a lot on expressing anger. Passive aggressiveness, insults, insane threats, etc.
- Play with souls for sadistic purposes or to get what you want.
- Your voice, appearance, and dialogue options change as you advance through the stages of necromancy.
- The option to hilariously throw down your staff and beat people with your fists, a satisfying bone crack with each punch.

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Re: Descent into Darkness story made into full game.

Post by Sudipta »

after acquiring enough drugs
You are gonna need a lot more than just drugs to make this dream a reality :mrgreen:
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Re: Descent into Darkness story made into full game.

Post by LittleHandle »

Just in case Zephandrypus is still around, or if anyone else is interested in this kind of game.

Making a game is hard work. A good way to start is some research and plot development, which are more fun anyway.

Games you might be interested in playing (research):

Sacrifice is an RTS with amazing and inventive (if low-poly) creature design and animation. Magic spells and (over-shoulder) RTS. One of the gods is very lich-like, and gives you some themed powers. An amazing game. Not traditionally undead fare (Sacrifice does its own thing), but you can harvest souls to summon creatures and resurrect the dead, and have access to massive landscape-altering spells.

Blood is an older FPS that focuses on bloody cult-style gameplay. Very aggressive gameplay with dark gods and zombies.

Sacrifice and Blood are not open source, but are available from GOG and should work well on Wine for Mac or Linux.

Savage: Battle for Newearth is an open-sourced fantasy game that blends RTS with FPS, a good place to look at for how to mix these genres.

Probably the best thing to do early stage is to write a short story for your game, just for yourself. Sometimes, this is enough, and your idea might have been better as a short fiction anyway. If not, it gives you a good place to start from, and can really help flesh out your ideas and the atmosphere you're trying to create.

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Re: Descent into Darkness story made into full game.

Post by revolting_peasant »

I have an obsession with necromancy and the Undead, and Wesnoth's story has really been the only source of media to scratch my lich.
There, fixed it for ya.

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Re: Descent into Darkness story made into full game.

Post by shevegen »

One small issue I have is that most liches in wesnoth are fairly weak.

Don't get me wrong! Their attack types are often powerful like 24x5 magic chilling attacks
or something like that. But you can still kill them. To me this is ... strange.

Isn't a lich usually an undead mage that often has its essence stored in some vessel?
Should be really much harder to kill it. Perhaps it might make sense to call these lesser
liches, and make great liches really powerful.

In comparison: take the big yeti unit types. I love them! I think they have the right power
too, like big and very strong units. (Dragons I have a problem with though ... I think
most of them should be much stronger, much more hp; many of them have only like
120 hp or so ... excluding a few).

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