Strange Legacy - 1.16 RPG World (Markets Upgrade)

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Re: Strange Legacy - 1.16 RPG World (Markets Upgrade)

Post by Heindal » November 14th, 2018, 6:42 pm

Thanks for the typos, I've already corrected them.

Trading is still the best way to make gold fast, but does not give experience. There is another drawback - you just can do it on the worldmap, so every move you take get's you closer to a competitor action. Beside that there are some nasty global events as well.

There is one trick about the different play styles. There is a stat that will go well with your play style. As a treasure hunter this is luck, as a "missioner" it's charisma, as you are better paid when you are charismatic. This bonus can double the reward of an easy mission, buy granting a bonus.

The reward you get for the haunted house riddle isn't much, but you will get two rewards and one these I want to remain secret for now, you might have noticed this one. You can do the missions over and over again. I think that's ok for now, as they are dead ends so far. Maybe these missions will unlock new missions in a future version. I'm thinking about unlocking infinite missions - such as hunting scarecrows or ghosts.

Convince is indeed a bug. It used to work, but caused a bug when I tried to convince a leader. I tried to repair this and it's not working at all :p. Tidalwave is indeed strong as it takes away the enemies castles. Didn't think about that, even so most of the leader are immune to other nasty spells such as convince and assassination.
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