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Re: Dawn of Thunder [SP campaign for 1.14.x]

Post by Paulomat4 » June 14th, 2018, 1:31 am

Hi TheSchnozz,

Thanks for taking the time to report first of all. I have tried to reproduce the bug but I could start the scenario just fine on my wesnoth version 1.14.1. Which version of Wesnoth on which system do you have. Also could you send me the scenario file, preferably the start of scenario save (the one without -turn-x appended). In case you're wondering where to find your save files: https://wiki.wesnoth.org/Editingwesnoth


PS: welcome to the forums!
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Re: Dawn of Thunder [SP campaign for 1.14.x]

Post by samigina » June 19th, 2018, 7:39 pm

I have the same issu with Dwarvish Gratitude:

Code: Select all

"The game map could not be loaded: Unknown tile in map: (Rr^Prgo) 'Rr^Prgo'"
Im running 1.14.3 on Steam over Windows 10. I cant find the save file (I gues the steam version have a different folder structure?)

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Re: Dawn of Thunder [SP campaign for 1.14.x]

Post by skeptical_troll » June 19th, 2018, 11:05 pm

Had the same kind of troubles with RftA when using the new gates. The relative terrain codes changed between 1.14.1 and the later versions, hence if you use them they are not compatible.

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Re: Dawn of Thunder [SP campaign for 1.13.x]

Post by Konrad2 » July 8th, 2018, 10:21 pm

Konrad2 wrote:
March 15th, 2018, 5:08 pm
Egoist is described with '...and thus needs twice as much time to level up. +70%XP to advance.' which mean the unit needs (to be exact) 1.7 times as much. Or 'almost' twice as much.
This hasn't been changed yet. :(

And I have to say, Sc1 is hardcore on hard. Am I maybe doing something wrong?
DoT-The Outpost replay.gz
(41.53 KiB) Downloaded 6 times
The scenario objectives say that there will be an early finish bonus, but there is no early finish bonus.
Fiannon: ...didn't get any news from Harendoion?.

Are you sure that it is a good idea to give the enemy 100 gold every time he teleports someone away?
(Btw I can damage Lirak when he attacks any unti of mine and I counterattack.)
Rhigwylyn (the loyal mage) is unable to resist the teleportation spell. (because he is a Red Mage with 'fireball' but you are filtering with 'missile')
Is there a reason why your are calling this scenario 'Vale of Tears' (like the TSG scenario)?
Mal M'Brin: ...for these pesty humans!
(Did you mean 'pesky'?)

Silam: ..not deceive you sir!
That word means (more or less) 'lying/betraying'. Why would Silam even say that? Maybe he meant he won't disappoint?

'...should have relayed on trolls...' -> relied
(When the Goblin leader runs away.)

Why the heck do Naga Hunters have no melee attack?
Same for Northguard Archers. It does not make much sense that their advancements have a quite strong melee attack, when they as don't have any melee attack as level 1.

Silam said that the Elvish Hunters are loyal and won't need upkeep, but only one of my three Elvish Hunters is loyal.

Silam: hmmm, ...
Rhearent: ...May i fight...
Limwen: just don't hurt...
Fiannon: ...but we can punish... (can't)
Silam: ...Can't win (no period to end the sentence)

Signpost: So...the image has 'Midlands' and '...Wood' (probably 'Grey Wood') in opposite directions. But the message talks about the 'woodchoppers lodge' (which isn't on the image) and assuming the the woodchoppers lodge is in the Grey Wood, I'll can't help but notice that NW (woodchoppers lodge) and SW (Midlands) are not in the opposite directions. :D

So, my soldiers will now listen to Naia? Nope. She can recall all units, but she can recruit only peasants.
(And Fiannon can't recruit peasants.)

Dwarvish Gratitude (Map)
The game map could not be loaded: Unknown tile in map: (Rr^Prgo) 'Rr^Prgo'

Frost- and Wolfbites
Units don't die of freezing, they just enter negative hitpoints.
I don't know what went wrong, but there were about zero Rocs in the this scenario.
Wyrm: You somehow threw a 'dawn_of_thunders' into it's unit description.

Frozen Ground
You can freeze while standing on a campfire.

Hope or Hostility
Considering that the Northguard are pretty much living in perpetual snow...how can they be so bad at moving over snow and defending themselves on snow? (They are just as bad as everyone else, which is weird.)

Wild Steppe
Crabs and Sea Turtles do not make any sound when attacking or being hit or dying.
Shallow Submerge works only in deep water.
The scenario objectives do not update after you captured Mal Lirak.
After defeating the Orc Thindromli says something. I think there are some words missing.
The description of the armor stops at 'previously'.
No early finish bonus.

The scenario lacks a day/night circle.
I lose when I kill Duron. (You made sure that the enemy leader equals Fiannon when his hp hits 0 or lower and then you killed the enemy leader, so Fiannon died too.)
When I free an elvish Prisoner they don't tell me what happened.

Most of your scenarios somehow lack music..?
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