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Creating canon

Post by Shanrakk »

I've been sketching out "cool" ideas for a long time but I've never actually jumped into the pool for fear of pouring time into something that doesn't pan out. My two biggest problems is I have basically no coding experience and I really want people to enjoy my stuff.

I know I can get some help creating stuff, and maybe I'm just looking for an ego pat- but from my forum browsing I can't find out how to get something to become cannon or official.

Please keep in mind I have basically no forum experience and just want to become part of the community.


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Re: Creating canon

Post by nuorc »

Hi Shanrakk,

welcome to the forum.

I've been here for a while and I'm not aware of an established way for something to become canon.

But I guess the principle is easy: make an awesome campaign that fills in gaps (places, times, people...) of the current mainline campaigns and eventually will become one itself. ;)
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Re: Creating canon

Post by Raijer »

Welcome to the forums,
About becoming cannon/official (for a campaign, becoming mainline, i suppose), there's another thread right now that's discussing about it: How to make your campaign mainline, but since that one kind of went away from the point, i also advise to read the official one: Policy for adding campaigns to mainline.
Basically, if you want something to become canon, make something awesome, but not too far from mainline (default era, normal gameplay), and be ready to wait until people want it to go into mainline.
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Re: Creating canon

Post by pe_em »

Shanrakk wrote: I've never actually jumped into the pool for fear of pouring time into something that doesn't pan out.
No risk, no fun :mrgreen:

Actually, if you don't try you won't make anything. You need experience. Have a look at

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Re: Creating canon

Post by beetlenaut »

You can't "set out" to make something cannon. You have to set out to make something fun. If it is, people will start playing it, recommending it and so on. As it gets well-known, people will start basing other campaigns around it, and it sort-of becomes cannon by being popular enough. (Nothing has been added to the official, mainline campaigns for a long time. As far as I know, there is nobody in charge of doing that any more.)
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