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fav/least fav

Post by whitewizard »

favorite: Elvish Sylph
least favorite: Elvish Sharpshooteer

Okay, the Sylph is the best unit there is. She flies, she is hard to hit in the forest, and she deals a hell of a lot of damage against most units. It's almost as much power as a Great Mage, but with wings. I have used Sylphs to go in on an assassin run to take out leaders without having many other units. Of course, in this is only useful in campaigns, as MP mode rarely sees elvish shaman progress to level 4.

Elvish Sharpshooters are my least favorite (oh come on, everyone knows corpses are weak...bear with me) for a couple reasons. First, when you get a level 3 unit you expect them to be a little tougher looking, and tougher in general. They are too easy to kill. True, they give a great deal of damage, but I find that they are killed too easily in combat. If they were harder to hit or had the skirmisher ability, they might just become a favorite.

commander keen

Post by commander keen »

For looks: I like rogues and loathe the liches
For use: I like elvish archers and hate the ones with the "lightsabers" which come from ghosts. They are too useful)

P.S. liches kinda look a bit measly and shrivelled.

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Post by Mythological »

Most favourite : Drake Clasher - I tend to recruit more clashers than I need to. Only Drake unit that can actually be used in defence, for holding both cornerpoints and villages. Has lots of hitpoints ( 2nd in all factions, after the wose ), nice multitype attack that does 24 damage, and least weaknesses of all drake/saurian units. Also it has 2 types of upgrades that althow look similar at a first glance can be used very differently. Tere is not another unit in the game that can be such a pain in the *** for a loyalist oponnent as a resillient lawful slasher. Gladiators are good agaist undead because of their impact attack ( althow it is quite hard to level slashers against undead ) and northerners, having advantage against level 2 trolls and grunts, and also having a good chance to deal a lot of damage to assassins because of their 5 strike attack.
Least favourite : Vampire Bat - I never recruit them ( why should I recruit useless bats that when I can get diehard ghosts instead ? ) And 13 gold cost for a level 0 unit ... sheesh
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Post by Odhinn »

Thieves/Rogues/Assassins are my favorites. I love having the skirmish ability.

Skeletons would have to be my least favorite. They are so tough to use, and so tough to fight. Seems contrary to what's expected but it's true.

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Post by Yogin »

Hey, I have my old nick and pass stored on this computer. Too bad I can't get at it to figure out what it is.

Favorites: Saurian Skirmisher, Dwarvish Thunderer.
The skirmisher b/c it's constantly underrated. It's amazing what you can do with a skirmisher to harass an opponents' backfield given a little bit of terrain. If only they had regenerate, they'd be invincible.
The Thunderer is just amazing when used well. That single shot just rocks.

Least Favorites: Elvish Fighter, Spearman
The basic foundational unit of these two factions. They're boring.

Least Used: Glider

Honorary Mention: Orcish Grunt. I seem to win best at Northies when I just revert to a spam the grunt as often and as fast as possible strategy. Just amazing what 40-50 hp, 12 gold units can do.

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Post by jb »

I love grunts. :D 12gold is fantastic for such useful units.
Of course right behind them are Mages and Dark Adepts, IMO.

The most worthless unit to me is the drake glider. Fighters seem to make them a bit obsolete.
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Post by Yogin2 »

jb wrote:I love grunts. :D 12gold is fantastic for such useful units.
Of course right behind them are Mages and Dark Adepts, IMO.
Of differing types of usefulness, of course. I could never spam mages and expect to win.
The most worthless unit to me is the drake glider. Fighters seem to make them a bit obsolete.
You and I play mostly multiplayer. there are very few maps wherein a 8 move flying unit is considerably better than a 6 move flying unit. I presume, otoh, larger maps, for SP would have uses for gliders. I remember huge MP maps like battle worlds and that other one with 4 keeps and tons of river and terrain in the middle would require gliders.
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Post by Jew unit »

perhaps i allready posted but after playing more i decied the sentinal is my favorite unit. While footpads are probably my least favorite...
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Post by Baufo »

Favourite: Wose
Best versus most undead and trolls, although they must always be covered against Orcs (2 Grunts are more than enough to deal with a wose, epsecially at night)

Least favourite: all Outlaws
Nearly useless in MP.

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Post by energyman76c »

Most fav: Elvish Shyde

she is fast over all terrains, hard to hit in the forests, has nice attacks (magical and slow), but at the same time is not too deadly, so other units can get the XP and level up. And she heals. Great unit.

Least fav: everything drake. They are expensive and too easy to kill. Oh, and every lvl0 unit ;)

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Post by Thrawn »

Baufo wrote:
Least favourite: all Outlaws
Nearly useless in MP.
thieves will punk you, if I catch you MP-ing
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Post by Zhukov »

:cry: Oh why can't this thread ever die?! WHHHHYYYYY?!?!

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Post by Evolution725 »

Fav: Dragongaurd (frickin awesome!)
Least Fav: Heavy Infantryman

Fav (custom): Any aragwaithi unit XD
Least Fav (custom): Marauder Axeman
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Post by rocinante »

favorite: silver mage
they make a great leader unit, and a group of them can be used for assassination runs.

least favorite: wose
slow, vulnerable to fire, don't resist blade. HI can get quick and have 5 moves and they resist blade, so I like them a lot better.

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Post by kiet »

Zhukov wrote::cry: Oh why can't this thread ever die?! WHHHHYYYYY?!?!
Well,I too though it was history for a while ago :lol:

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