Thug vs Dwarf Fighter?

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Thug vs Dwarf Fighter?

Post by Vlys »

I was just wondering what people use a thug for. They have less hp, attack, attack types, and resistance than the dwarvish fighter. THey cost 3 (4?) less than a fighter, but it doesn't seem worth it. They have one more movement, but have higher movement cost on most terrain.

So why would you get one over the other?

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Post by Xanous »

-Thugs are cheaper, 13 vs 16.
-You get 1 more movement point on grassland.
-Better defense on grassland, forest, villages. Dwarves get 30% def on grassland and forest and should stay in the hills.
-Their impact damage is the same, 9-2 vs 6-3
-Thugs are chaotic, so if you only use them at night they have more attack power than dwarves.
-They upgrade to bandits, who are pretty badass.

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Post by Martinus »

And dwarf fighter upgrades to steelclad who are really better

And dwarf fighter got really better resistances

But you're right thugs are cheap and have better move/defence in the forest and fight better at night

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Post by Sciolist »

I've used Thugs once or twice vs. Undead... They can compete with them better at night, and work out pretty well vs. skeletons if your opponent is using those to counter your ulfsurkers

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Post by Taurus »

If you play Northern Rebirth it is an exelent chance to compare them because in a few scenarios, those are the main types to use (you are facing skeletons). On the whole I found that thugs worked better as fodder and shock troopers against skeletons but for holding ground dwarves worked alot better.
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