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Hey there,

unfortunately Wesnoth has developed already into something that is WAY too much addictive :(
Anyway, if you want to make it even worse and bind me to this game even more, such that I loose all my time about it I think here is something you could do:

I personally like the most "Legend of the Invincibles". It is a very balanced addictive scenario and should become a default scenario in the game.

- create an overview map
- Lets say there are two main opponents; one starts at the one side of the map and the other at the other side
- Every round they get a fixed amount of money
- Every round they can fight one of the maps on this overview, to gain experience, earn more money, get items, etc
- The more money you have on the overview map the more money you start with in each battle.***
- Of course there should be the unit recall option from battle to battle.
- There could be traders from which you could by items at the overview map or traders in the battle maps or both
- there should be maps you can conquere and then they belong to you and they pay you every global round extra money; but your global oponent should be able to attack these maps and you his maps. But of course you will defend these maps and he his. **
- Your and your global opponents home country/map should be protected by very strong allies.
- In conclusion: You advanced your main characters, have a lot of money, bought a lot of items to make your recalled units even stronger and have defeated most maps, such that you earn a lot of money every round, you can attack the home country/map of your opponent and overcome him and his allies. And then you won.

There is so much more you could fit into this concept and make it very addictive. This is of course also a great opportunity for multi-player. With the available tools already it should be not very difficult to code it like this, or not ?
Thanks and success!!

** Playing against the CPU I think it would be more fun if you would not be able to save and go back as often as you want. It should cost you money to go back in time or awake a slain hero again or something. Then e.g. it could be a strategy of your opponent to attack a map of you, kill all your advanced and outfitted recall units. If you want to reincarnate them again and that will cost you money you need elsewhere. So he has weakened you generally.
** Also if you defeat some unit which is outfitted with items. You should be able to steel at least one of its items.
*** So certain maps you should not fight early in the game because then you have not enough money in the battle and will loose it and also loose your heroes.
*** Additionally there might be challenges maps, where there are no houses but only your and your opponents units.

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Post by Insinuator »

Laber_Tasche wrote:***said a lot of stuff***

With the available tools already it should be not very difficult to code it like this, or not ?
You are SO right! Go right ahead. Thanks and success!

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Post by Aelaris »

I've thought a lot about this as well.

Also don't forget having a retreating option - some place where you can have units go to have them escape the map.

...also this should probably be in a different section.
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