[Quick Tip]Knowing your faction with mage leader

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[Quick Tip]Knowing your faction with mage leader

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Often times when you random you get a white or red mage as a leader, this prevents you from knowing are you a rebel or a loyalist until you can recruit.

Knowing your faction might help in team games, like balancing your and your allies initial recruits. And even in 1 vs 1 situations for example when you're Player 2 and want to think before your actual turn, resulting in a nice and quick first turn.

The whiteboard feature in newer Wesnoth versions will help you to counter this game breaker :lol2:.

At the start of the match right click and turn your whiteboard mode on.
After this "move" your leader to a keep, right click on a castle hex and choose recruit.

This will show your recruiting list and reveal your faction.

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