How are chosen retaliation attacks? AI behavior

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Re: How are chosen retaliation attacks? AI behavior

Post by tekelili » May 10th, 2011, 9:29 pm

I had an interesting arguing with Caphriel in MP server and he pointed some lacks in my reasoning. We becomed agree that to pawn AI problably is better set slow as deffault, as AI usually outnumber you and keep your units alive and healing becomes more important than change unit for enemy unit. But he made me also understand that, leader kills could be prevented better with slow, but casual damage of from units on hi defense becomes more easy.

I could find a clear exaple in my imagination: Caves of basilisk. A merman hunter steals your village and your druid and a fighter miss in remover him. In merman hunter turn, do ocasional damage to druid instead fighter becomes easier if you know she will retaliate with slow instead magical attack.

Edit: I see now this issue is more complicated than my first thoughts and would totally understand anyone with skills in code wesnoth AI ignore this thread :lol2:

Just for anyone that find it interesting, as I see it now: With any attack coming from => 50 defense is probably better dont mess and keep current behavior. Vs any attack coming from <= 40 defense is probably almost always better for unit side profit, retaliate with slow (but when magical attack reduce same or more damaged recived, of course).
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Re: How are chosen retaliation attacks? AI behavior

Post by DwarvenWarrior » October 28th, 2015, 1:20 am

I think there is something more to it
I noticed dwarves do 6X3 axe on trolls at flate, but the trolls are in water, dwarves retaliate with 9X2

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Re: How are chosen retaliation attacks? AI behavior

Post by lightlord » October 31st, 2015, 6:22 pm

Could somebody add right-click menu to select counterattack for given unit? As best decision is complex it requires tactical input from player as mentioned before, other use cases are posibly sacrificing unit to cause maximal damage etc.

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