Has anyone beaten HttT on Hard with no losses?

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Has anyone beaten HttT on Hard with no losses?

Post by Francis »

I am curious... I just finished HttT on Hard with no losses (on various versions of 1.2) but needed to use quite a bit of saveloading especiallly on a few scenarios. Has anyone finished it with no losses without any SLing?

Ended up with 625 kills and 0 losses, but my damage was 5% higher than EV, and AI's damage was 10% low. :lol:
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Post by Wintermute »

"I just started playing this game a few days ago, and I already see some balance issues."
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Post by Kalis »

With no saveloading, I got to mission 22 before I stopped on version 1.2.1

Posted 1-20 there.
http://www.wesnoth.org/forum/viewtopic. ... c&start=30
And here's 22.

Horse lords is a sheer nightmare because of lancers. Just a bit of bad luck and you gotta restart or saveload.

By horse lord, stats were as follows:
69 recruits, 192 recalls, 73 advancements, 0 losses, 658 kills.
29115 damage inflicted, 29225.4 EV (99.6%)
10839 damage taken, 11305.9 EV (95.9%)
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Post by williamager »

One really has to do more now in order to attract praise; just finishing on hard with no losses isn't enough. How about trying to restrict your unit choices as well? Finishing on hard with no losses using only mages or magic units would be impressive, for example, and even in that case I believe someone has done so with losses.
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Post by Velensk »

In my experiance you either go for one unit recruited (except for special situations like the caves in HTTT) or you go for no losses It seemes impossible to do both without save loading though I can see how either one works.
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