Please give advice about The Rise of Wesnoth

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Please give advice about The Rise of Wesnoth

Post by troodon »

How can I get Lieutenant Aether close enough to Jevyan to get him killed?
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Post by Theo »

You actually have to attack Jevyan to get Aether killed. Just have the him use crossbow on Jevyan and the lich will retaliate.
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Post by Truper »

It depends how much gold you have, and what you're recall list looks like. I think you are going to have to have somewhere around 7 to 8 hundred gold at the start of the scenario in order to sucessfully complete it. It takes some thought, but I found that some scenarios in the game don't have to be the money-drains that I once thought they were. Play the campaign with this final scenario in mind - try to stockpile gold as much as possible, and build up a powerful recall list.
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Post by santi »

I beat TROW on hard starting with some 476 gold or so, so it is doable.
Basically you cannot afford to lose any troops(at least I could not),
so keep a tight formation, fight many fights with few opponents rather than
few fights with many opponents which will inevitably lead to losing units
and make sure Aethyr is part of the group that approaches Jevyan. See in the next forum or this one for strategies used in the final scenario of TROW.
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