Heir to the Throne, "The Princess of Westnoth"

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Heir to the Throne, "The Princess of Westnoth"

Post by Frattimonde »

Just how are you supposed to beat that sweetheart in battle ^^ So any real good strategic hints please?

-New found devoted player, Fratt
Higher Game
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Post by Higher Game »

Cannon fodder. The next stage is easily won by running and cowardice, and the stage after that has a nice 200 gold minimum, so it's safe to go all out on this one. Make loads of fighters for the meat grinder, and occasionally allow a real unit (or a good fighter, like strong/res) to get some good kills for the long run. If you just bash heads against her and not worry too much about losses (which are inevitable), you should win, especially if you play aggressively at night and take it easy at day.

Don't bother with mages. There isn't much terrain for heavy defense, so they aren't that important. You'll want to attack at night, since the day bonus for your mages isn't as helpful as the day bonus for her units! Attack at night with fighters. Horsemen are good for running down injured units, but they're too pricy to be the main unit of a fodder attack. Just make a few of them.

Shaman entangling works well against ogres and horsemen. Make a couple of them, and you might end up with a lasting survivor, with a little luck. :)

Overall, it's a rather bland stage, since it's really just a huge ass field and a few rivers. The next one is a hell of a lot more fun; actually, most stages are just more fun than The Princess Of Wesnoth. Don't let this one get you down!
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Post by appleide »

Higher Game wrote:...
I did it in a different way.

I got 6 cannon fodders, and a bunch of level 2/3s. got 4-5 level 2 units on horses.

Those horses went around the side, while the rest defended the forest next to the bridge.

Their horses (which are outnumbered by yours), will come get your horses. Just break them.

Their army will try to wash over your army, but you are dug into the forest, while the princess's army is on grassland.

After half their army are gone, charge at the fortress, with your cavalry supporting your flanks.

I lost 2-3 level1s in this level.
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Crashing inconveniance

Post by Frattimonde »

Great, there's a certain crash after a while in the next level -_- Any way to skip or fix the bug?
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Re: Crashing inconveniance

Post by zookeeper »

Frattimonde wrote:Great, there's a certain crash after a while in the next level -_- Any way to skip or fix the bug?
You can skip a scenario by first entering debug mode by typing :debug (: should bring up a console where you then type "debug" and press enter) and then typing :n (in the same manner).

As for the bug itself, please elaborate on the following: what version of Wesnoth do you have, and when and how did the crash happen? Was it on your turn or the AI's turn, what were you (or the AI) doing exactly when it crashes, etc.
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Post by Frattimonde »

Latest version, AI just finished its turn. It happened when I started to engage the blue lich. For some reason.
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Post by Shiver »

Don't actually play the game on the latest version. Get that older thing they have open for DL, it never crashes.

Also, I had better luck on the survival mission when I went all-out against the Yellow Lich. From his position, you can move south with mountains for cover from the incoming zombie horde. From blue's fortress I'm pretty sure there's no way to avoid the zombies.
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Post by Gus »

Shiver wrote:Don't actually play the game on the latest version. Get that older thing they have open for DL, it never crashes.
i dunno, even tho i do experience some crashes, i think it's well worth it to be able to play the most balanced version to date, and the crashes are minimal anyway. I've read plenty of people experience no problem at all with the dev version (1.1.11rc1 as i write this).
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Post by Kollle »

Well, the Princess of Wesnoth has to be one of my favourite scenarios, if for no other reason than it allows me to bash Li'sar into the ground.

On hard, I grabbed a merman warrior (with the storm trident) and a thief to secure the lower villages and beat up the ambushers. Then, I sent Kalenz, a marshall, and a few elite units with an elvish fighter across the lower river to distract enemy forces, kill reinforcements that came down,
and secure villages.

In the meantime, the main bulk of my army went up to cover the bridge, skulking in the forest (strong, tough units like Konrade in the fore) to let the initial wave of attackers wash over, then killing everything. Always shield your vulnerable units with cheap elvish fighters and thieves; you may even get a few surprises and a level two; healers are of the essence.
Contrary to what Higher Game says, an extra mage or two is useful for dealing with tough units such as ogres. A dextrous sorceress is gold, as she can deal the damage equivilent of a red mage, and has her entangle to fall back on.

I ended up losing a thief and two or three level one elves.
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Post by Trygvasson »

Just finished playing this map(on hard). As usual, in my first few attempts I was too aggressive, ending up with most of my army across the river at first dawn. Big mistake, since the massed attacks of pike- and longbowmen are sure to kill off some good units.

Here's what worked: I sent the bulk of my forces northeast during the first turns, establishing a defensive line linked to the eastern map end, thru the forest and down to the east bank of the river. This line only leaves a single grassland hex to be covered, and I put a lvl 2 thief in that one, supported by a shyde. Elves in the forest, mages in the cities. Rotate fresh units to the front, keep healing to the maximum(remember druids/shydes/white mages can heal a total of 18HP per turn), and after sunset it's a mop-up. As a side-show, I recalled four mermen to capture villages, kill fencers and even participate in the battle along the river. In short: rush through the first night, retreat during the first day, and by the end of the second dawn you'll own the field of battle, with a clear view up the skirts of the cute li'l Princess. And she's all yours, since Konrad is clearly the biggest sissy around since Prince Valiant.

Edit: I never use cannon fodder, except for my own cannon.
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Post by BeRzErKeR »

It seems like a lot of people have trouble with this scenario. I never have trouble with it. Admittedly, I've only played it four times, but still. . .

Turn 1: I recall all of my heavy cavalry (knights/grand knights and lancers), my Elven Riders and all of my healers, then fill the rest of the spaces with horsemen. Konrad is usually a Lord by this scenario; he stays at the keep this turn. Delfador and Kalenz grab villages to help decrease my income deficit.

Turn 2: My horsemen go rushing for the river, with the healers behind them. I recruit a couple shamans (depending on how many healers I had to recall), recall my elven captains/heros, and recall my merman warrior (I usually only have one; I don't like mermen) and another merman, probably the hunter, then fill up remaining space with elven fighters and archers. Kalenz grabs another village, Delfador and my riders/scouts head for the forest up north, and grab villages.

Turn 3: At this point the enemy cavalry are moving north and heading for the river up top, I think to take the villages up there and sweep down on me. I send my hero with a shaman down to help Kalenz trigger the duelist ambush. Delfador and my lancer (if I have one) or a Rider head for the bridge. My other scout units continue north, take villages and hide in the trees. My cavalry and healers reach the river and line up, ready to cross. I DO NOT send anyone into the river until they can all get across in one turn. My mermen split; the warrior heads for the south-eastern riverbank, the other heads to that village on an island. The enemy cavalry reaches the river across form my horsemen, takes a village or two, and partially crosses the river up north. Konrad recruits one more castle of mixed horsemen and elven fighters/archers, then heads off to cross the river.

The enemy cavalry cross the river up north, and sometimes grab the two villages directly opposite my horsemen. Sometimes, though, they stay out of range, wait for me to cross and then try to push me back into the river.

Turn 4: By this time, I often (3 out of 4) have a positive income again. Kalenz could trigger the ambush this turn, but waits for the hero/shaman to arrive. Delfador and a Rider/Lancer take the villages near the bridge. My horsemen cross the river in force, murder any cavalry on the other side and establish a defensive line including the two villages there, with pockets of space for the healers to come across and be protected in. Since I usually have at least one Grand Knight and a Knight or two, this is pretty easy. Konrad moves to join them. The forces I recruited last turn move towards the river.

The enemy cavalry attacks my scouts up north, and usually takes a beating due to that 60% defense in woods. If not, Delfador and a Lancer are right there, and those units together easily drive the cavalry off within a couple fo turns.

After that it's just cleaning up. The Lieutenent and Swordsmen arrive next turn, so get archers across the river ASAP to whittle them down, then go for one-hit KOs with horsemen. The merman, hopefully with the thunder trident, shows up to take the lowest village, and horsemen are death to the mages Li'sar recruits. The only real threat after the Swordsmen are dealt with is Ogres, and once again, archers work wonders.

Just my two cents. Note: This is based on medium difficulty, so if you play on hard, it might be entirely different.
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Post by Oreb »

My way...

Send Defaldor and Kalenz north with a detachment of elite horses, to hold the bridge and stop the scouts.

I send my main army to ford the river, at which a battle comes in the plains.

I send my mermen to hold the river before my guys get there. I let konrad kill the duelist, its an easy killing and good exp.

I come out with 1 to no fodder losses, and this is on Medium.
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My way

Post by Aerouge »

So my way went a litle different than the described tactics. So first I recalled 2 knights and send them up north caping the 3 villages in the plains. Send Kalenz east caping the 2 towns on my side of the river there. Send Delfador to the forest capping the 3 towns on his way (First north of castle, one at the road through the first forest and ending at the town at the bridge (the one near the forest on MY side of the river).

After this done I recalled my LvL 3 Rangers and Heroes and send them to the forest north of "Bridgetown".

After they left castle I recruited my druid and white mage and some LvL 1 Fighters and Bowman and send them to the forest near "Bridgetown" as well.

Than I recruited 2 merman fighters (Dont like them... really dont like em) and my assasin (Leveld the LvL 2 thief in from earlier scenarios) and send him to the mine triggering the fencer and poisoning him and blocking the town east of castle afterwards and the merman to cap the 2 citys south of the river until the fencer past out and afterwards capping the town on the island and the southern towns on Li´s side of the river.
While this I had a solid "Elven Ball" in the northern bridgeforest (Druid & white mage in center, LvL 3 faced to the river and level 1s protecting the back)

In this position I held the forest for 6 turns bashed all the horseman crossing the northern river with my knights (Lucky lance attacks :D) and fighting off anybody crossing the river. Sometimes my knights attacked the northern flank of the river corssers (who almost didn´t hit my elves due to 60% forest def), cycled my wounded units with the lvl 1 or sometimes even with the druid until I fought off the first wave of spear and horseman.

Than the hard [censored] started with ogres and more spearman crossing the river. At this point I was lucky that they stopped moving in the river with 20% def and filled them with arrows. My merman capped Li´s southern towns supported by Kalenz (don´t know why but the AI totally ignored them despite one horseman who got sliced by Kalenz). At this point Li ran out of money and my troops pushed over the river at night, forming a pocket around the bridge and capping the town. Druid /White mage stayed inside the pocket and the Knights crossed the river in the north side capping the towns in the hills.

Li only recruited 2 more archers (who survived zero turns) got circled and got milked for XP by my white mage :D

Had zero casultiys in this scenario but only played it on medium though.
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Post by energyman76c »

I send Delfador and some units on horsebacks north. Together with a ranger or avenger. Some mages, fighters (lvl2+3 units), Kalenz, druids, sorceresses etc east.

Delfi and the horsemen/scouts will block the enemies scouts and attract the enemy, while the bulk of my army stays in the forest south of Li'sar and goes forward, as soon as everybody is in position.

Konrad and one or two lvl1 units stay back and kill the 'assasin'.

Outcome: I loose some lvl1 units (two or three), and level some mages, shamans, archers. Especially leveling mages in PoW makes the following scenario a lot easier.
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Post by Blarumyrran »

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