How to get art made for your Wesnoth add-on

Make art for user-made content.

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How to get art made for your Wesnoth add-on

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In a nutshell: It’s not easy.

The truth is that, for every semi-competent artist producing art for Wesnoth, there are at least 10 people designing campaigns and factions. Doing art for a faction is much more time consuming than “designing” all but the most meticulously balanced faction. Lots of well designed campaigns/factions still don’t have decent custom art.

What not to do:
  • Don’t spam the forums asking for others to make art for you. Such posts will be deleted/locked.
  • Never expect artists to contribute art to an unplayable or unpublished concept.
  • Don’t expect others to do more work on your idea than you are willing to do.
  • Don’t “borrow” art from copyrighted sources that don’t allow redistribution under the terms of licenses allowed on the add-on server. For Wesnoth 1.12 and earlier, this means any art uploaded must be licensed under the GNU General Public License(GPL) Version 2 and later. With Wesnoth 1.13 and later, any art licensed under one of the many Creative Commons licenses is also now allowed. Content that doesn’t comply with this requirement is not allowed.
What to do:
  • Do get your idea playable with placeholder graphics if it’s necessary. Units really only need one base frame for playtesting. Borrow images from other campaigns or raid the old Graphics Library, a collection of posted artwork until circa March 2008. (For units you may want to check out Neoriceisgood, Shadow and Wayfarer first.)
  • Do put your playable work on the campaign server.
  • Do try to create/modify art on your own. We’ve created many useful Art Tutorials. You may discover you don’t need help. Many of Wesnoth’s best artists learned the trade by trying to make art for Wesnoth — either for user-made contents, or mainline.
  • Do edit other artwork posted here or found in the Graphics Library, that is not copyrighted by commercial/restricted sources, or copy & paste parts of other pieces together (also known as “Frankensteining” artwork). You can use existing eras, campaigns and such as sources, or even the game’s core images. There are several dedicated “Frankenpacks” — a search in the forums should reveal them.
A good idea — if well done, will be fun whether or not it has cool, custom graphics. If you can pull that off, you may have earned an artist’s assistance.
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