Hold my Bear I got this [DBL's Request thread]

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Re: Hold my Bear I got this [DBL's Request thread]

Post by Vulpine » June 15th, 2017, 12:26 am

Hello darkbearlab! I've got a request for you, for when it gets around to my turn. I'm in no hurry, as I consider custom-made art a luxury. So for whenever you have the time:

1: Young- late teens/young adult. In fact, he is a teenager in the first campaign he's in.
2: Male.
3: Human.
4: Headband keeping his hair out of his face. Light outer coat. Cape. Dual wields a curved sword and a parrying dagger; the sword is kind of a cross between a katana and the mainline fencer line's saber. But if you don't want to do a hybrid and I had to choose one or the other, I would say go with the saber.
5: Lean but not particularly thin or thick. Brown hair.
6: References: First one is a good example of how he should look. The second one is the actual unit sprite I plan on using.
Mar's Sprite:
7: Son of a Baron, but doesn't exactly advertise the fact. He is usually quiet and has a quiet demeanor, or air, about him. I'd like his pose to be similar to Konrad's (the first image), but you are the artist; do what you think works best.

If there is anything else you need to know, just tell me. Thank you in advance!
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Re: Hold my Bear I got this [DBL's Request thread]

Post by SFault » June 18th, 2017, 7:02 am

Oh, nice Elf portraits here. Wouldn't mind having every unit in my campaign to have a portrait but I understand the time consumption...

Tyonna - Elven countess / high countess
1. Appearance age: Experienced - quite normal elf age, i guess ;)
2. Biological gender: Female
3. Race trait: Elf
4. Wearings, accessories, and equipment: Clothes, cloak, staff, sword
5. Personal traits: She is powerful but tends to be worrying a lot, mostly on behalf of others. Very kind and polite, always eager to help.
6. Possible reference: see the attached picture (lvl 2 - lvl 3).
7. Misc: She and many other main characters in the campaign are nobles. The current portrait for her is the elven lady but she's really lacking the weapons. Even though Tyonna is a healer, she still has a 6-3 sword attack. So, bit more rough and tough, but still that aristocratic presence.
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