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Art I can make!

Post by powershot »

Hi guys! Haven't been 'on" for like... 2 years or so? Ok, maybe 3. Anyway, last time I was on here I was srsly a jerk and a terrible person and I am very sry about that :cry: . Also my art sucked. But now it's pretty good so if you want me to draw a potrait for you I can! As long as you don't mind it looking sort of anime styled. Yea, so... Hi guys.
My new account is: Power_Pixel_Wannabe. Yea. Yea.... Why are you still reading this? What the heck m8? You have some kind of problem? Yea. I draw. NO I'M NOT 5 ANYMORE!!! Little brats.
The heck m8? I thought you left... No seriously... go... serious...
ok bye m8. I'm serious.
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Re: Art I can make!

Post by Dugi »

When you're so generously offering portraits, can you please make a portrait of a dark-mooded male White Mage for me (the character is supposed to be a former White Mage, mostly in bitter mood, earning for living by healing people and ranting a lot)?

I don't mind anime style.
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Re: Art I can make!

Post by ChaosRider »

Well if you wish to practice a bit or a lot you can allways download Modified World Conquest Part 2 (for wesnoth 1.10), its a addon with images for Modified World Conquest. There you will find many units sprites (most have animation but you can improve some if you want), some still may havent animation (only base image), also many of them dont have portraits yet, so if you got time, will and power then go ahead.

Here you can also find how they looks like: ... &mode=view

But in my opinion first you could try deal with 4 lvl (next form of Drake Enforcer) Drake Uber Enforcer :D... because his animation (created by me xD) looks a bit funny. Mostly i hear that it looks like a some pokemon.
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