How about a BEAST FACTION?

It's not easy creating an entire faction or era. Post your work and collaborate in this forum.

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Doc Paterson wrote:Beasts effing LOVE joining together. Wolf-packs. Lion prides. Ape clans. (that's right, APE CLANS 8) )Sometimes they use really solid pack tactics, tricks, ambushes and the like....but you must know that.
I assume the idea is to have a faction of disparate beasts - a faction of (eg.) all Lions would be pretty boring.
Doc Paterson wrote:Also, I don't think realism is such a huge obstacle here, i.e. it seems silly to make the argument that beasts wouldn't have the intelligence to work together, in a world where men are already shooting magical bolts from their hands and battling tree-folk. :)
Very good point. If trees are intelligent enough to form a faction in Wesnoth...
Very true.

Okay, so the idea of a "Beastmaster" isn't very popular, how about falling back on that old standby that they come from "the land of intelligent beasts". In Wesnoth terms, that would probably be a kind of Island of Doctor Moreau where a renegade wizard created the initial ones in 'unholy experiments' and they eventually rebelled and set up their own society.

It would be kind of interesting if they came to Wesnoth because they could mingle with the ordinary animals and ordinary Wesnothians wouldn't know which was which. You'd get a kind of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" paranoia going on. :) (Espionage was probably one of the renegade Wizard's original goals for the beasts).

BTW, Honsay's post seems reasonable to me - the original poster's ideas are pretty vague. 3 years later the faction plan seems to just be "it's got beasts in it!". Honsay offering up his vision of that seems reasonable.
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Re: How about a BEAST FACTION?

Post by Thrawn »

XD.. This was totally worth the revival...One of Doc's first posts XD

I remember when this thread was around the first time ...
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Re: How about a BEAST FACTION?

Post by sam_waz_here »

This is an awesome thread and despite the odds of production being slim to nill might I suggest adding:
Hyper intelligent apes and idiotic giant ants. :lol2:
Where is the love?
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