Ranged Era attack types

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Ranged Era attack types

Post by uniqsys »

This post is really for Mich, the maker of the Ranged Era, but anyone who knows could answer too.

I am attempting to add a new faction with a new ranged attack type to the Ranged Era. When I set the parameters according to the Era's instructions, I get an error in play "You have found a not already supported weapon" with instructions to report it to the maker so it can be added. I have searched for how to contact him, but can't find anything.

What would be nice would be instructions to add it on our own, similar to the instructions to add units and the adjustments that need to be added to the "set_distance.cfg" file. If it is simple, this could be done without having to constantly bothering Mich.

By the way, I am really thrilled for the Ranged Era. It is how I believe ranged attacks should always be handled.

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Re: Ranged Era attack types

Post by mich »

Hi uniqsys.
I'm happy that you like Ranged Era, and especially because finally someone uses it to make others eras. I'm sorry that probably the instuctions on how to use the code are incomplete and old. They are based on the original era for wesnoth 1.4, so something can be a little different, but not too much. And until now no one has give back feedback on the use of the code so the quick instructions that I wrote at that time could be incomplete.

As you probably already know, in this era there are some custom made units used as projectiles. You can find these units in "....Ranged_Era/units/missile" folder. If you plan to use your custom projectile you must add an appropriate unit here (this doesn't apply for the white mage attack, and similars). Else choose the one that you want to use for your unit between the ones present there.

Now take a look at "....Ranged_Era/macros/move_missile_unit.cfg.
If you want to use an already existent unit as projectiles, you just need to add a new [or] .... [/or] part inside the relative part of the code.
If you want to use your custom projectile, you must add a proper part as the ones already present ([if] .... [/if]).

I hope this will help, but if you have more questions feel free to ask.

If you update the how_to_use_this_code file, I can add the improved version in the era to make easier for everyone to use it.
Unfortunately for the moment I don't plan to update the code for 1.10, so I don't know how much this can this be usefull.
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