Corporate Era

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Corporate Era

Post by Wurmish »

I'm slowly working on what was originally going to be a spinoff of the Descent series, but I got carried away. Basically launching Wesnoth into the far away future, with 7 factions, mostly each faction has the same GENERAL characteristics and planned playstyle as most current Wesnoth factions, but not exact.
The basic idea behind the Corporate Era is that in the future, corporations (obviously) have come into play, bolstering their technology with what magic remains. There are going to be 5 Corporations and 2 non-Corporate factions. There are 4 Corporations that are at odds with each other, specifically the rivalries of XenoLLC and BlastCo, and the infighting between TerraCorp and Jerum Industries. DraKorp is independent of rivalries, but instead focuses on fighting the so-called Reclaimers. Finally a Mercenary faction is thrown in to represent the many other smaller corporations that band together in an attempt to take down the Big 5.
XenoLLC currently only has 3 level 1 units, but they all branch into 2 or 3 lines. Moderate expense, focuses on Pierce weaponry mostly (bullets). Corporation is Dwarven and Human in composition. (Mostly done)
BlastCo is purely Human, at odds with Xeno. Wheras Xeno has upgrade flexibility, BlastCo has specialty units for every damage type, plus a couple less-specialized units. Pretty much the new Loyalists. (Partially done)
Jerum Industries is mostly Elves with a smattering of Human help. They have cheap defense and scout units, but several large, slow, expensive tank-like units. General strategy will be village (Energy center) stealing and building up funds for their war machine. (Mostly done)
TerraCorp is made up of Orcs and Humans, with a few Dwarves contracted in. They have mining disputes with Jerum and usually send in many low-level and usually melee-oriented bots. Fairly cheap and decently powerful. (Mostly done)
DraKorp is made up of Dragons. Once food wasn't an issue anymore Drakes found it easier to attain full-grown status. However, due to their bulk, they can't use atmospheric ships with the same ease other races can. Instead they develop space-suit like armor, built for wear and tear, and still have a very strict honor system that is clearly written out in the Korporation's codes and bylaws. New Drakes in virtually every fashion. (Planned, not down yet)
The Mercenary group is a hodgepodge of Humans, Dwarves, a few Elves, some Orcs, and even Drakes and Dragons out for money. Smaller indie corporations have paid them well to ensure that any and all of the Big 5 get disrupted in operations so one or more of the littler corporations can take the reins of power away. (Planned, will have a few powerful expensive units, good in every aspect, except all units cost more upkeep per level)
The Reclaimers are the Undead on steroids. After over a millennium of study and work, especially in the recesses of their mines, the art of Necromancy is more powerful than ever. Furthered by devious designs on destroying and reimplementing AI, the Undead can nearly raise the fully dead, as well as cannibalize the robot remains of the corporations and turn them into ghastly abominations. (Planned)

I'm trying a not-exactly-typical art style, but it requires a bit more practice in my development environment before I get anything good done. I'll post as needed.

As of this post I am halfway done writing units down (all details save the description) and suddenly it occurred to me... is there a decent way to balance a unit on paper? Like is there a magic formula or two that I can run a unit vs. unit comparison and say, come out with a magical score or something that would give it a rough 'balance factor'?
I'd like to iron out some balance while getting all this down on paper. Right now I'm just going with what seems right.
Currently quietly developing a small faction as part of my master plan to develop an entire era independently. Art is the only concerning point for me.

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Re: Corporate Era

Post by thespaceinvader »

There is no balancing equation. You just need to stat out something that feels about right, and playtest it. A lot. |
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