Random map Pack: Sam's Random Maps

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Random map Pack: Sam's Random Maps

Postby samiam » December 4th, 2017, 3:21 pm

Between 2007 and 2010, I created four different random map templates for Battle for Wesnoth: Forest, Palm, Tropical, and Huge. I have finally put these maps in a proper Wesnoth add-on.

  • Forest is a random map template I made 10 years ago today; it is now in a proper add-on. This template has far fewer trees than the Forest template in Ultimate Random Maps.
  • Palm, which makes randomly generated desert maps with lots of palm trees.
  • Tropical, which makes desert maps tweaked to have more palm trees, roads, more water, and less sand. Feels somewhat like a swamp with so much water and palm trees everywhere.
  • Huge, which makes huge 250x250 9-player random generated maps. Be warned: It takes some time to make these maps, so if you select this random template, Wesnoth will freeze for a few seconds while it generates a huge map.

In addition to being able to download this at the official Battle for Wesnoth add-on server (add-ons.wesnoth.org) as a Wesnoth 1.12 addon, it’s also possible to view the files in the following locations:

I would like to thank SigurdFireDragon, whose Ultimate Random Maps add-on I used to figure out how to finally make these templates a proper Wesnoth addon, and the Wesnoth development team for making such a fine GPL turn based strategy game.

Bug reports, feedback, and suggestions are welcome, but it is unlikely I will have the time to implement new features.
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