[MP] Skeleton Rider?

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Should SR be added to the Undead faction?

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[MP] Skeleton Rider?

Post by Poison » September 18th, 2017, 7:48 pm

I think that the unit Skeleton Rider -> Bone Knight should be added for the Undead faction at default era. I've noticed (just observing, total noob ) that Northerners spamming troll whelps kinda unbalances them against undead. No matter how undead do it (well I haven't seen EVERY approach I guess) they really struggle, their main problem being that they don't have units to deal impact damage which goes by trolls' resistances, except wcs, and even though they spawn more units by killing orcs/trolls, they are relatively weak and giving them killing xp doesn't help the other undead units. So undead don't have tanks to do significant damage to Northerners' trolls (Ghouls poison is neutralised by regeneration and ghosts really hold but are offensively weak and expensive). Now this unit will serve the following purpose: It will be a scout / support unit at the start game focusing at orcs and with the player trying to feed him kills to advance him. Then if he survives (unlikely) he will serve as a unit to get you out of a tricky situation with his risky charge (impact) attack, taking down that careless troll whelp /troll or shielding in case of need (kinda like the wolf rider). He would still not be OP as Northerners are melee orientated and well, we all know what happens with units that have charge usually :annoyed: So far, that's what I've got:

Reasoning for adding it:

1)It is mainline since it appears at Liberty and EI.
2)It really is not that OP or overly tankish, having less hp than all other cavalry units except the Elvish scout line which is close. Also he will be destroyed by impact damage meaning that he cannot even take mages down that safely even at Lv2. Finally he's somewhat expensive.
3)It is a really nicely designed unit, which is the main reason of writing this thread, I'd just like to be able to have it. It's just a cool unit.

Reasoning against adding it:

1)It will make Undead really mobile with 3 scout units (Ghost,Bat,Rider).
2)It will probably have an advantage over Elvish Scouts, being able to resist their ranged attack and having a little more hp. That will make him have an one-on-one advantage over them, which might be a problem in medium/large maps.
3)There's the extended default era which contains the unit and has pretty balanced and interesting factions, I guess people could use this era instead.

So, what do you think? Is it stupid? Is it achievable? Please share your thoughts.

Edit: 1. I may not have posted it in the proper forum, mods feel free to move it to Ideas instead.
2. I've read the part about default mp being balanced, it's just an idea that's all.

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Re: [MP] Skeleton Rider?

Post by The_Gnat » September 29th, 2017, 2:03 am

I definitely agree that it is a great unit :D i really like it as well and think that it is unique. Also i believe it makes sense to have undead riding horses, i can imagine that one my steal a loyalists horse, or even a loyalist might die and then come back to life ride his old horse into battle. 8)

However, despite my liking for the unit i think that it probably shouldn't be added into the default era. I think that since the undead already have 2 scouts in the default era it would give them too many scouts and probably would create opportunity for advantages in any circumstances where the ghost is not good.

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