Cris random maps

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Cris random maps

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I open another thread rather than talk about my maps in Sigurd thread:
The idea is somewhat the same. I wanted to do a random forest map, but useless with the map of Sigurd.

So my add-ons is named "Cris random maps".
It contains a standard random map with a abandoned castle in the center, regardless of the size of the map. I have a water map, a cave map (volcanic), a mixed map with grottos and outer areas, a map with volcano on top of mountains.
The volcanoes map does not have much interest for basic factions and eras. I did it thinking of my fire flying demons ( that regenerate over the lava.

I have also a question:
I want do a series of random maps with a empty castle in the middle. But it would make a lot of maps in the lists. The ideal would be to put them in a folder. Is this possible?
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