request on survival maps

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request on survival maps

Post by itota »

i am one who like survival maps.

i always had a little dissatisfaction that enemies spawn from air without any notice in most survival maps. because i dont like such surprise attack, i have moded the great nosmos' survival pack (the other reasons why i chose nosmos' survival pack is that 3p-Survival in it is my most favorite add-on and it is completed and the original coder is not updating any more).
and now it is easy to reuse the code to implement the notice function to other scenarios.

now i want other survival creators to implement the function!
for example, if the function is implemented in such add-ons like augu's zombie survival or Aethaeryn's fortress defence, i believe they will be more interesting and grab more fans. (at least i want to play them with the notice function)

whole package (all files are inclueded)
(12.52 KiB) Downloaded 229 times
macros are easier to reuse than b4 (cfg files only)
(4.34 KiB) Downloaded 215 times

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