3v3 Replays!

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3v3 Replays!

Post by grrr »

I was looking for an old thread containing replays for the truly epic team matches Wesnoth MP has to offer, but couldn't find any. I guess there are enough valid reasons why there never was such a thread (needs time and reliable players), but anyways:

Welcome to the 3v3 Replays!

I will start with this Waterloo Sunset game, not because it was a flawless game (in 17 turns & 6 players anything else would be a surprise). It rather shows the crazy dynamics of this map. Also, the game itself deviated from the traditional blue/red defends vs purple+black/green+brown strategy. And most importantly: although we went random with our faction (except blue) there were no dwarves or drakes on the map this time!

This game developed a great tension, caused by ezy's leader death and the following hunt on the escaping revenant.

Read the chatlog if you want to see the amount of planning involved in 3v3 games!

PS: We played with a 5min flat timer and 7min reservoir. Noone complained about having to wait too long nor did anyone feel rushed by the timer.
BfW v1.4 - Waterloo Sunset
Team "South": ezysquire, awaw, grrr
Team "North": DDV, paris, Swift

Team "South" wins in 17 turns.
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Re: 3v3 Replays!

Post by grrr »

Another Waterloo Sunset, and again ezy was the root of all evilness. Or rather, the cause for a very tense fight for the center. Viewing the replay it seems paris made that one mistake, getting his mermen wounded just before night, with a drake army near. Since at the same time the brown Undeads of Mytho were advancing towards reds sector ezy felt adventurous, ready to go the bloody route to greens keep.

The sheer number of units blue and green had mustered for that fight was discouraging, and I was only agreeing because ezy had the chance to remove paris' (wounded!) fleet at the same time.

Then it started ... the next day came and the battle field was covered with blood, drake blood mostly. But there was that one saurian skirmisher that sacrificed himself to draw greens leader away, and now everything seemed possible! Some quick support from red helped ezy to reach greens keep, with only 2 oracles and another badly wounded skirmisher left, which was enough to enforce the unconditional surrender of the north!

Again, the replay holds lots of tactial information from the southern team. Watch out especially how ezy ordered Straylights unit in the 2nd half to keep attention of blue away from the drakes - the wose gambits were golden!
Team "South": grrr,ezysquire,Straylight
Team "North": TDW_Florent,paris,Mythological

Team "South" wins in 16 turns.
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Re: 3v3 Replays!

Post by ezysquire »

Root of all evil!

Well, learned that from the likes of grrr, but anyways, yip I remember that match with me as drakes in the centre.

That was some seriously "touch and go" action, but most enjoyable for sure! 8)

Underestimate the lone ranger skirmisher at your peril!
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Re: 3v3 Replays!

Post by Mystique »

Ive played a 3Vs3 game today, which really did let me learn my lesson. Everything went great, and by the time i owned the map against one remaining player, i disregarded my attention, and seeked to simply overrun him, without taking care of any strategy.

Well, in fact my ass got kicked, and i had quite some trouble to win the game at last.
It really is kind of hard, to deal with elves as Undeads, and stupid play can change a sure game very fast :)

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Re: 3v3 Replays!

Post by Velensk »

This is not a 3vs3 it is a 3p FFA. Technically this archive is for 6p games. In the future if your enemy has that many woses get standard skeleton. The wose might hit them back but skeletons are deal better damage to them than any other unit and deal damage when retaliating. Skeletons also are better for dicing up mages and resist other elves.
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Re: 3v3 Replays!

Post by Mystique »

Velensk wrote:This is not a 3vs3 it is a 3p FFA
Ups, totally correct...
Sorry, seems like I was sleeping, when uploading this Replay... Wont happen again.
Velensk wrote:In the future if your enemy has that many woses get standard skeleton. The wose might hit them back but skeletons are deal better damage to them than any other unit and deal damage when retaliating. Skeletons also are better for dicing up mages and resist other elves.
Hm... That sounds consistent...
I mostly summoned mages, because woses have a penalty against arcane attacks, but as you say, retaliation is a serious damage factor, too...

Never the less, Elves are a heavy peace of cake for undeads, as they have good healers and protection...
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Re: 3v3 Replays!

Post by CragHack »

Ok, this is not exactly 3v3, but 3v3v3. Didn't want to open a new thread for this and this one doesn't get much attendance anyway, right?
A nice unfair match on "Merkwuerdigliebe". I bet with Rigor, ppl would be even interested in crappy gameplay / extensive chatting :P
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Re: 3v3 Replays!

Post by Rigor »

Hi guys, im back with a great and certainly most tough fight on the crusaders map from 1.8.5, STARRING:

Rigor p1 UD
tyler p2 DW
truffant p3 DW
soul_steven p4 Loys
Cookie p5 UD
ge p6 Elf

forming two teams, team 1 with Rigor, truffant, Cookie vs team two with tyler, soul_steven and ge.

team 2s strategy was working pretty damn well, taking the center vills and positioning units in a way that they could help each other at all times. our strategy was similar but not the same, we wanted to kill stuff, and the killing started when i pinned down a gripph and threatened to kill him one turn later with well positioned UD skels. then something bad happened, our ally moved to a very remote castle and was virtually pinned down there with an income of about 5-8 where nobody could help. as soon as a defensive stance was built up and all vills were taken the elves could rush down to help the trapped gripph & friends out. after some turns of heavy fighting, team1 had the chance to isolate blue and wear him down slowly. with one very good push and a lot of luck he was finally disconnected from his keep and in the north, purple tried a leaderkill and failed. hell of a gg!

Figure: Crusaders, from a cool game, stronghold crusaders extreme
crusaders 3v3 2011
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Re: 3v3 Replays!

Post by cookie »

That was a really good game. I'm regretting having to leave from it but it could not have been helped.
Rigor you played really well! AND WE WON! (Which I could not believe.) xD
Bye says the cookie.
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