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Sheet music/Score

Post by Willians7 » August 20th, 2016, 3:23 pm

Hello! I'm composition student, here in Brazil. And I just LOVE the soundtrack of Wesnoth. Not for being super cool but also the beautiful orchestration.
Well, I'd love to study these songs with sheet music in hand. Could you tell me I can these scores?
Thank you, and congratulations for your job!!

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Re: Sheet music/Score

Post by Inky » August 20th, 2016, 10:07 pm

I absolutely love the Wesnoth soundtrack too! I made an attempt to write down some Wesnoth sheet music in an earlier thread, but it's usually just the melody and also quite inaccurate so it wouldn't be very useful for studying.

Unfortunately the full scores don't exist. Apparently whatever software was used to make the tracks doesn't automatically generate them, and it's hardly worth the effort to write it all out (unless someone actually wanted to use an orchestra to play Wesnoth music, which I would totally pay to see!!) Also, none of the composers seem to be around the forums anymore, so sadly this section of the forums is pretty much dead.

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