Info. Regarding Sample Requirements [UPDATED]

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Info. Regarding Sample Requirements [UPDATED]

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Requirements for Submission

We have a lot of composers who are wanting to add music to Wesnoth, which we highly encourage. However, there are some minimum requirements for the quality of sounds needed in order for your submission to be regarded for mainline.

The minimum sample requirements for submission into the game will be anything SAMPLED using real instruments. We will not be accepting submissions using MIDI mixdowns, or scores bounced to audio from Sibelius, Finale etc. or any other non-sampled sound libraries. The score mix-downs lack dynamics and feeling, and old samples stand out like a sore thumb.

You need to learn to program MIDI and work with sample libraries in order to produce the highest quality sound available. As technology expands, we need to stay updated with it, and can not have 16-bit or 32-bit sounds/music in a game that is being developed in 2012 and beyond.

The key point I want to make here is that YOU MUST LISTEN TO THE MUSIC IN-GAME FIRST.

Please, please please, make a playlist in iTunes and label it Wesnoth, add it to your iPod or iPhone (I know you all have one), and listen to it during your commute/walks etc. This will give you a feel for the feel and style we are going for.

Also please listen to as much classical and romantic era music as possible, as this will give you an idea about orchestration, instrumentation, form if you care to use it (which you definitely should) and most important, the harmony. We can't be accepting submissions with contemporary harmonies, either baroque, or even Renaissance, classical and early romantic era styles are what we are looking for.

Useful Info:
East West Quantum Leap's homepage. Tons of Sample Libraries there, and they always have deals going on.

EWQLSO Silver (or Free) is a great place to start.
Another amazing company offering limitless possibilities for composition in any style. I highly recommend picking up some of their libraries.
Vienna Symphonic Library homepage. For experienced users, this library offers a very realistic sound, at a higher price, but is not very user-friendly, unless you know MIDI editing already.