standalone Wesnoth Tower Defense Game

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standalone Wesnoth Tower Defense Game

Post by JasonVoorhees »

I just finished the "must have" features of my Tower Defense game based on Wesnoth resources. It's not well balanced yet. Maybe after some reliable feedback I'll adjust it ;)

Have fun :) -

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Screenshot from the game
Screenshot from the game
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Re: standalone Wesnoth Tower Defense Game

Post by tr0ll »

it certainly gets harder over time
would be nice to have more variety of enemies
it wasnt clear to me that the units would never graduate to the next level or unit type
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Re: standalone Wesnoth Tower Defense Game

Post by TheEmptyLord »

I found it pretty fun. My main problem was that it was too easy. With a setup I got by the 8-10th wave I could pretty much beat the next 20 or so waves. When I began upgrading and buying new units I could have 5-7 waves on the screen at once without having to worry about losing or worrying about strategy. Eventually, after having about 7 waves on screen for 5-6 rotations I managed to die. I realize this is meant to be a rather simple game, but upping the difficulty wouldn't hurt. A little more variety in enemies, or more specialized abilities might be fun as well.

Other than that, nice attempt.

On the mechanical side, it would be nice to be able to move around the screen either via arrow keys or by clicking the middle mouse button (like wesnoth) its a bit of a pain to do manually.
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Re: standalone Wesnoth Tower Defense Game

Post by Paulomat4 »

not bad, adding more variety would be nice. like terrains, more enemys and towers and so on. The shyde is more then just overpowered with 4000 damage, i believe it should be 400
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