A new IDEA for scouting units

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Post by Eponymous-Archon »

Dave wrote:A possible improvement would be allowing them to do attack-move (but not move-attack-move). I think this would make them more powerful, without being overwhelming.
Hmm, this would be very interesting to try out. I often find that small groups of scouts can be effective against one or two enemy units, but they can't handle the fallout when other units catch up or the enemy fights back on its turn.
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Post by Sangel »

I rather like the idea of Attack-Move. What would it be called - "Hit and Run"?

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Post by Insinuator »

miyo wrote:Or you can give ambush to Outrider, this lets them escape the enemy and "hide" in forest for resting.
Sorry for going a bit off track, but I've never understood the point of that tactic. I've heard it mentioned before among the forums, but I'm unclear as to the benefit. As far as I can make out, when the AI is not attacking you, and can not see you, he takes your villages, especially when wounded. By withdrawing your man, you obviously wish to heal him. Now, if they try to take the villages, but can't see you, then what is the point of ambush in this situation? I have a vague inkling that the answer is blatantly obvious, but I am unsure if I have the correct explaination. I thought it might have something to do with the unit being having units in on all three focal sides, yet still being able to flee.

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Post by miyo »

Ambush allows you to move unnoticed (in woods), this means you can have many units in nearby forest and AI does not take them in consideration when forming tactics and moving his units. When it is time to attack you can outnumber enemy, maybe slaughter badly wounded enemies it has taken to nearby villages to heal, etc. Ambush also allows sneak attacking if there is enough woods.

- Miyo

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Post by Insinuator »

Ah, I see. A "larger picture" strategy. :?

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Post by Boucman »

I use ambuh to do an "obvious hole in ZOC line" strategy

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Post by Darth Fool »

Ambush combined with the ability to attack-then-move would actually be quite powerful...At least in forest heavy regions...

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