Color Labels for Villages on Minimap

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Color Labels for Villages on Minimap

Post by iBrow »

I think having villages be color labeled as to their owner on the minimap would be a uneful feature to add. Thus, with a quick glance at it, one could see the general teritories of each player, as well as which areas had villages that were still unclaimed.

Of course, the icon for villages would need to be slightly different than for units, or it would cause confusion. Perhaps triangles. Also, unit icons would take precedence, so it a unit is in a village, it appears as the regular square.
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Post by MRhe »

Good idea in theory, but I think the minimap would become too cluttered with villages on there as well as units.

It would be a cool feature if it was doable with the graphics, but I don't think it's feasible.
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Post by Dragonking »

Maybe it will be good to add button to chose what appears on miani-map. Normally - what we see now, wfter press - villages, after 2nd press - something else.
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Post by Elvish_Pillager »

Or three on/off buttons for the minimap. "Display Units" "Display Villages" and "Display Terrain". As I recall, nothing else of any import resides on the map... although it would be nice to put a gold stripe across leader units too.
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Post by cpark »

I can see how something like three on/off buttons would work. It'd be fairly simple to use, and I'm guessing it wouldn't be all to difficult to program either (of course, I could be completely wrong on that point).

So yeah, I like the idea.
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Post by Woodwizzle »

I like the three on off button style too, it works well in many other games. And if ever we wanted to show more on the minimap we could always add another button and not worry about clutter because other items could be turned off.
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