New component to defense rating: avoid rating

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Gray Halcyon
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New component to defense rating: avoid rating

Post by Gray Halcyon »

This idea attempts to address extreme cases of units surviving large CTKs against multiple attackers, or simply: luck. However, in the process it changes the current tactics and strategy, by how much I'm unsure.

It is based around the concept of an "avoid rating". This limits the defending unit to a certain number of times which it will use its defense rating to avoid the attacks of attacking units, specifically the units themselves.

If a unit had an avoid rating of three it could defend like normal against three attackers, no matter what else. If a fourth attacker joined in, then all the attacks of the fourth attacker would automatically hit, no matter what else.

The intent is to leave this value at three for all units: it would work more often against single, extremely lucky units, but unfavorable unit positioning could possibly come into factor.

Some unconsidered features of this would be:
It creates certain situations where the attacker would attack using weak units and finish with guaranteed attacks from a strong unit.
In certain situations, skirmishing units would do a higher amount of damage (they can attack from open but ZoC'ed hexes), while magical and marksman units would devalue slightly.
Exposed units would become easy to kill in certain situations.

This could also be changed in several ways, probably not to reduce luck, but to increase complexity for those who enjoy such things.

It's quite possible I overlooked something, but I decided that someone may want to use such an idea in their campaign or era, so I'm posting it anyway.

EDIT: The more I think about this the more I wonder if this is even suited at all to combating luck. It seemed like a good idea at first, but this situation is so rare that a feature like this would be used for something else entirely. I know a few dark adepts that would have died under this rule, however :twisted:

EDIT2: Ah, there it is. Weak units can mob a massively strong defender, and after they die more weak units attack ad infinitum, killing the defender (although this does cost gold). This would be something a lot of people would be averse to.
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Re: New component to defense rating: avoid rating

Post by Unnheulu »

Can be done in WML.

(Change the percentage to hit)

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Re: New component to defense rating: avoid rating

Post by tsr »

One major flaw is that it only thinks of 'luck' from the attackers PoV in lower than EV situations.

What happens if 3 saurian skirmishers attack a full health HI in day with ranged and hit with all attacks, does the fourth unit miss all hits to compensate for that?

I don't really care about this particular idea I just wanted to follow jb:s lead and remind everyone that rng results also has effects on defense.


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Re: New component to defense rating: avoid rating

Post by Ardent »

There is another problem - already a paladin against WC's at day get's killed if there are too many because he kills them effectively enough so that the previous wave doesn't block the spaces around the paladin - this would make it even harder to defend for extremely strong units. You can just spam 3 units (say walking corpses or even worse gobos) against a high attack defender to deprive him not just of the chance not to be spammed (since the units will probably get killed in the process, leaving the defender prone to more attacks), but also of any defense percentage he has.
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Re: New component to defense rating: avoid rating

Post by sur.nhm »

In one word: KISS.
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Re: New component to defense rating: avoid rating

Post by Caphriel »

This would cripple skirmisher units, which are often exposed to multiple attackers and generally rely on high defense values to survive. In general, this would be a massive nerf to all elusivefoot units, and dwarves and elves in their preferred terrains.

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