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index search/sort

Post by pl »

Whenever I want to download add-on I have to make a search through whole list of addons. (the same thing with maps, cuz I like to create maps)

What if you open addons/maps list and when you press a letter on the keyboard you jump immediately to the first entry wich starts with this letter.

OR maybe just to add a search section in maps and addons section ?

OR someone can you guys FIX sorting in the addons list. Thing is just a joke, it does not work properly at all.

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Re: index search/sort

Post by Turuk »

Use 1.5x if you want an add-on interface that is more user-friendly. It makes use of type, which allows you to sort add-ons by campaign, era, maps, etc.

Both 1.4x and 1.5x allow you to sort by title of add-on, author, and size, among other things. You can even sort by the type in 1.5, making looking for a particular type of add-on much easier. Sorting works perfectly fine, it goes alphabetical, reverse alphabetical, and then back to normal. Normal, if you looks, puts most recent add-ons at the bottom, so if you read about an add-on on the forum that a user has just uploaded, you can find it most easily by going to the bottom of the list.

There is already a filter function at the top of the 1.5 add-on list that allows you to quickly search for whatever you are looking for, thus covering all of your wishes.

You might want to actually try these things out and search the forums to realize this has been covered before you state these ideas. Locked.
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