Attack rotations

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Attack rotations

Post by KingdomAmericaCMG »

So i thought of a neat idea that would make combat abit more cinamatic. This wouldnt be Mainline i think but maybe custom.

so each unit has 5 attacks.

1 normal melee for attack and defense but less damage and less attacks
2 normal ranged (if has ranged) for attack and defense but less damage and less attacks
3 attack only (ranged or melee) special attack once used cant be used for 3 turns
4 ""
5 ""

these 3 extra attacks would have something special like slow, poison, or extra damage.

This would also be nice for AI as it will chose the specials most likely over the normal attacks. Basic concept is attack rotations. Defend rotations didnt make any since because you really dont have control over defense actions. It could be made that your normal attacks do a bit more damage on defense i guess.

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Re: Attack rotations

Post by Skizzaltix »

This could be an interesting basis for a faction--The only problem I can think of with them would be that the attack menu could get a little cluttered, but that's a polish thing... :hmm:

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Re: Attack rotations

Post by roadkill »

Random animations would make combat more cinematic... but its hard enough to get basic animations so thats a really long shot.

random poisonings and %chance to activate special attacks, don't only not fit with the simplicity of wesnoth, But also will also cause the anti RNG crew to cry foul when someone luckely activates abilities with multiple units in a turn.

If the abilities are activated by the player to be used & have a cool-down or recharge that might be cool, could change the game in fun ways (considering the advantage will go to the agressor).

Might be fun. very fun, especially if units can get assigned a random ability like a trait and the opposing player can't see what it has!

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