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animation related stuff

Post by Infinisearch »

1. In alot of the disscussions about units when someone suggests a high numbers of hits for an attack, a common response is to say who wants to sit through n loops of animation. I never really paid attention but why not implement either a fixed number or a upper limit on looping animations and use percentages to choose how the animation plays out.

2. I have what i would describe as a decent PC at least for 2d games, slow compared to what is being sold today. I notice the animations freeze whenever wesnoth starts doing anything. Are there plans to change this behavior?

3. How about an seperate options to turn battle animations off for human and computer players. I tend not to pay attention to the animations on offense but if i'm watching the screen during the computer turn the animations do help slow down the action so that i may follow whats going on easier.

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Post by irrevenant »

#3 (having a separate slider for move speed and animation speed) has been suggested before. People thought it was a good idea, although I'm not sure anyone's actioning it.

Re: #1, perhaps it would be possible to disconnect the attack animation from the actual damage? That way you could use a a 'flurry attack' animation (a bit like E Honda's '"hundred-hand slap") while the damage is dealt.

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