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Post by unit12 »

I had an idea that seemed to fit in with the shadow line.

Give an undead unit an ability that is the opposite of "illuminate".

"Night Shroud" seems like a good name for it.

I also thought this would be fitting for the shadow line (not that they need changes) maybe make a lv 4 "dark spectre" whos night stalk is so powerful that when its day he actually carries night with him.

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Post by Gauteamus »

I think this is all very doable with WML (inverse illuminate), and a powerful level 4 shadow may be a good hero (villain) unit or something in an undead campaign.

It is however (from experience, not authority) not something I can see go into mainline default era, neither the "finsternation" nor the level 4 expansion.

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Post by UngeheuerLich »

this discussion is 3 years old...

there was a newer thread, where skirmish was proposed and added so that the shadow is fine now...

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Post by zookeeper »

UngeheuerLich wrote:this discussion is 3 years old...
Indeed. Split and locked.

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Post by irrevenant »

Please note that there is a thread detailing the status of Frequently Posted Ideas. Please familiarise yourself with this thread before posting to avoid rehashing old ideas.

It wouldn't hurt to read Giving your idea the best chance of being accepted either.

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