[HotSeat] KDEConnect integration

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[HotSeat] KDEConnect integration

Post by Lachu »

I have an idea to develop KDEConnect integration, so in hotseat mode players will get message if one's turn appear. Additionally, they could unlock screen, when it will currently play (one's turn appear; screen will be automatically locked on turn end). Another solution is to unlock screen by password and play loud sound, when turn change. Each player will set own password to unlock screen in lobby.

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Re: [HotSeat] KDEConnect integration

Post by shevegen »

Does this work yet, and if so, how can it be used?

I compile KDE from source via a set of ruby scripts.

Latest KDE connect I can see is this tarball:

https://download.kde.org/stable/release ... 4.2.tar.xz

Compiled fine here, but what is the next step then?

Edit: You described it a bit but unfortunately I don't know all of KDE that well; I have literally
no knowledge how KDE connect really works. I assume one key idea is that people can be
notified so they can use/play a turn?

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