[READ-ME] Off-Topic Forum Rules

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[READ-ME] Off-Topic Forum Rules

Post by Forum Moderators Team » July 22nd, 2010, 3:23 am

Hi there!

There will be a few changes in policy in Off-Topic from now on:
  • Autopruning is no more. All posts in Off-Topic will be preserved in the database and they are now strictly subject to the Posting Guidelines as are posts in all the other forums. (#)
  • Off-Topic is often mistaken for a dump place for nonsense, noise or worthless content. The fact that threads were autopruned didn’t help matters, so now that they aren’t, we reserve the right to lock or delete anything that is clearly nonsense. (#)
  • Don’t forget that the forums are not a chatroom! (#)
  • While it is possible to resurrect threads in Off-Topic (or anywhere for that matter) when you’ve got something new and interesting to add to the discussion, useless resurrection of threads won’t get you anywhere. (#)
So kids, play nice and don’t forget to wash your hands before going to eat!

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