SDL2 support and rewritten hotkey handling

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SDL2 support and rewritten hotkey handling

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Hi All,

As I'm sure you know, I have been working on finishing the SDL2 support for the game in the last couple of months. There's been a number of subtle, and not so subtle problems that have needed to be fixed for this, but it's finally reached a point in stability where I have been able to merge my development branch with master.
SDL2 support is merged in and enabled by default as of commit ... 81f5103b13 .

This commit also brings with it the rewritten hotkey-handling code, making hotkeys be the same keys on the keyboard, no matter what the keyboard layout is (it relies on scancodes instead of whatever character was read from the keyboard).

The next step for me now is to fix bugs, and make the resize handling in the code nicer. There's one open bug for laggy resize handling (#23934) whis is highest on my list of priorities.
The plan is to keep SDL2 and SDL1.2 functional for one release, then we'll remove SDL1.2 support from the game.
As a part of the bug-fix cycle we'll also try to improve performance and move to OpenGL acceleration of the rendering code. This will require rather large changes and I would appreciate your continued support and help with this.

There has been a few people that have been invaluable in this effort, and I don't think it would have happened without them. I would like to thank them especially for the work they have been doing and the help they've given me.
  • Lipkab, for doing all the hard work. He wrote most of the code for the SDL2 support and I have just been tidying it up and fixing bugs.
  • Wedge009, for help with testing and helping me test/reproduce bugs on platforms where I couldn't.
  • Shadowm, for support and guidance when I was having issues.
  • Celticminstrel, iceiceice, ancestral, aquileia, for helping with testing and the build systems and making SDL2 a default target for non-linux builds.
  • Gfgtdf, for help with testing.
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