Extended MP era has a bug!!!

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Extended MP era has a bug!!!

Post by shmibling »

When I downloaded Extended MP era, everything else I downloaded would not show up, like the Age of Legends. But, as soon as I deleted all of the 'extended' files, everything was fine again. I'm not sure if that was a bug or something just went wrong with my computer, but whatever it was, I think it is worth mentioning. By the way, has anyone else experienced this, or am I the only one? :(
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Re: Extended MP era has a bug!!!

Post by nataS »

Haven't experienced this or heard of this before. I could imagine the download wasn't successful (for example), causing it to be incomplete with an error as result. This I believe causes Wesnoth to stop loading other addons. Have you tried to download it again via the addon server, to see what happens (after a restart of the game)? If you need further help can you please provide information about 1) your operating system, 2) version of wesnoth, 3) the way you obtained the addon.
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Re: Extended MP era has a bug!!!

Post by Iris »

This subforum is for issues with the game itself, not with add-ons. You should complain to the Extended Era maintainers in their own thread:



c.f. What this subforum is actually for.

What is this, by the way? :o
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