Best Add-ons / Campaigns?

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Best Add-ons / Campaigns?

Post by shevegen » August 17th, 2018, 1:46 am

I am not sure if there is already a thread for the best add ons or campaigns.

So I created one. :P

The point here is not to slack off campaigns that are not so good; the point is more to explain what you
liked about this or that campaign/add-on. This may help future campaign designers and perhaps the
main programmers to integrate mechanics or improve parts of it.

I would also like to admit that after playing a few campaigns, I think some of them have better (!)
game mechanics than the main wesnoth storylines.

The mechanic I like the most by far is the ability to choose special abilities for heros. Quite a few
campaigns have this. Be this a new attack type, more damage or any other special thing, but also
hp boosts - that is quite cool. It's a bit like defence of the ancients or warcraft 3, just for turn-based
style of playing. :D

Since I myself never really remember the name of campaigns, I may mix up campaigns ... so ..

- After having played about 15-20 or so of the add-ons/campaigns (quote a lot... this is just from
memory), I think I have a pretty good overview. Still at number one is the campaign To lands
unknown. I am not 100% sure but I think this is the arabian night style. This one really tries
to push wesnoth to the limits, in a pretty curious ways. I liked that the units are so diverse
and still useful/powerful. I think the only thing that was missing were heroes with unique
abilities we could also cherry-pick, but aside from that, I think it is the best campaign by
far. It also has lots of scenarios and curious animations. Pretty nice.

The theme was also pretty cool; I think there are at the least three arabian night style
campaigns and all of them are pretty cool.

- There is another arabian night scenario which had customizable heroes ... I already forgot
the name, I am sorry. :( It probably had the coolest heroes altogether... one of them
could shoot blue arrows at a target, cause heavy bleeding and retreat... then there was
a unit that would paralyze other units or rather petrify them (I haven't seen that before
anywhere)... some glowing light thingy ... actually now I remember, it was the campaign
with the three kings. It was not quite perfect, a few minor things, but overall it was pretty
nice. (I just looked up ... was this Oath of Allegiance? I think it was... but not sure)

- I liked the idea behind the witches on an island (or something); e. g. the abilities
such as dance-inspiring songs. Reminded me a bit of the old bard's tale (from the

- Another campaign that was interesting... and I forgot it ... was one where there was
a fight on a ship + deck. I liked that idea.

- There are various RPG-style campaigns, some of which are a bit awkward to play
because wesnoth isn't yet optimized for RPG style games (inventory management
being a painpoint e. g. dialogue based ... that's a bit cumbersome; drag and drop
via the mouse may be simpler). The RPG style campaigns can be a bit cumbersome
at times, a bit too much micromanagement, but I like the idea behind these. It also
pushes wesnoth to other (newish) areas.

- Flight to freedom or in general, drake-based campaigns are ok. Not perfect but ok.

Drakes are quite fun units, simply because they can be so versatile due to flight.
Some scenarios were nice, such as stopping the wagon ... others were weird,
such as going into a cave ... here you have these big drakes who suddenly
end up creeping through caves. Aside from this, though, drake units are a lot
of fun. I love firebreathing!

- I loved the idea and storyline behind Danse Macabre. Was a bit too short for
my taste but the idea was great.

- There also was a campaign with ... Grog the troll or so from the mainline
wesnoth? I think this one should be included into the main campaigns, because
that troll is a cool one.

Anyway. I am sure I forgot several more (sorry... been a few weeks and I can
only play briefly, usually, at weekends or late at night on some days).

I am not sure but perhaps you could (or should) also offer some patreon or
donation-like thingy. May help as an incentive for particularly good add-ons
(just not so that the monetary aspect overshadows other aspects).

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Re: Best Add-ons / Campaigns?

Post by shadowm » August 17th, 2018, 2:03 am

shevegen wrote:
August 17th, 2018, 1:46 am
I am not sure if there is already a thread for the best add ons or campaigns.
There’s been a few.
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Re: Best Add-ons / Campaigns?

Post by BTIsaac » August 18th, 2018, 11:17 am

The one with the ship's deck is Secrets of the Ancients. I has since been mainlined.

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