1.5.7 dialogue bug

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1.5.7 dialogue bug

Post by starfury »

Windows version 1.5.7 running in windowed mode. Some dialogue is lost in both Tutorial 2 and the first mission in A Tale of Two Brothers. It seems that the dialogue in question is being automatically dismissed, as sometimes it appears to pop up and disappear immediately, while other times I don't see it at all. The bug does not appear to be random, as it always occurs with the pieces of dialogue listed below (with WML line numbers). This is by no means a comprehensive list, just what I've noticed in these two scenarios.

line 28, Galdrad's response to "Can one unit survive...", giving you defensive tips
line 417, Galdrad's response to "Ho Galdrad! Has Delfador...", telling you this isn't a game (I beg to differ :) )
line 599, Galdrad's repsonse to "So, should I end my turn now?", telling you about upkeep
line 993, Galdrad's repsonse to "I have no more money to recruit!", telling you about villages
line 1065, Galdrad's response to "No other units...", telling you where to move the shaman

line 347, Bjarn's response to "I will lead my men...", explaining why he disappears
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Re: 1.5.7 dialogue bug

Post by Turuk »

This is the new dialogue type versus the old type, and this bug has already been fixed in the trunk version of the game (meaning you will see it in the next release). I am assuming you are hitting the mouse button to advance the dialogue, try using the enter button instead. You should now see all of the dialogue displayed correctly.
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Re: 1.5.7 dialogue bug

Post by TheJM »

Glad to hear that it's fixed, it was bugging me for a while before I came here and discovered that hitting the enter button makes them work right. :)
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