Some problem with BfW 0.9.1 under Windows XP

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Some problem with BfW 0.9.1 under Windows XP

Post by ugasoft »

Hi all,
sometimes my %WesnothDir%/stderr.txt contains:

cannot find valid cache at %WesnothDir%/userdata/cache/game.cfg-cache-v0.9.1-MEDIUM-NORMAL

and it occupy 99% of my processor writing it... and when I restart BfW it cannot find this cache files again!!

why? what is a 'cache files'? can I substitute it with a everyone else cache files?

Another question... I try to start EDITOR and the consolle say this:

checking mode possible
setting mode to 1022x734
locale could not be determined; defaulting to system locale

and it doesn't start again!
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