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server connection

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Tried Multiplayer via server: Very frequently games hang up after some minutes with no error/failure-notice at all. when I quit those games then, I find myself back in the lobby, but I am not really connected to lobby (i.e. no reaction or chat with other players.)
If then I try to disconnect and reconnect, I dont get a server connection at all.
Any suggestions?
Thanks a lot.
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Simons Mith
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Post by Simons Mith »

I too am getting intermittent connectivity problems just to the fora. I noticed it a couple of days ago, yesterday was worse, and today is worse still. UK sites do not seem to be affected. Not sure yet about US-sites other than Wesnoth - most of my browsing is in the UK.
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Post by pravin »

I too am experiencing problems since a week. The last two days were terrible. I couldn't connect to MP server at all. I still cant :cry:

I am on DSL. So the problem can't be with my net. And websites open fast. I keep getting Connection Timed Out when I try to connect to MP.

And if I do get connected, I can't join any games. I get Trasferring data 1/6kb and then it gets stuck at 1/6 or 2/6 or something like that.
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exactly: on DSL, too. Everything works fine- only multiplayer server has time outs, quits on running games (which I dont even notice for some time, only, when finally i realize nobody´s´out there anymore...).
Really annoying.
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Post by Dave »

The server has some known problems with responding to requests. I'm working on it...

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Post by newbie »

Okay, thanks dave.

I'm having the same problem. Sometimes I get lucky and I'm able to connect, but usually not. I have DSL also.
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