trouble with connecting to the official server

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trouble with connecting to the official server

Post by Tawindan »

Hi. I'm new on this forum and my first post is about some trouble.
I downloaded Wesnoth for Windows v. 1.4.1 (I played some older versions months ago) and everything works great until I try to connect to the official server - sometimes it just can't, and after opening ports 14999 and 15000 all I get is this - it goes thru connecting phase, reading from server etc. but then Lobby show, but there are no open games and no users on and after a 10 or 15 seconds i get disconnected.

in the same time I don't have those problems when connecting to the alternate server - here everything works smoothly. but when I try to connect the same way to the official one, I either get empty lobby as I described or it just stops during connecting to that server. if alternate server works, it isn't the port problem, so it isn't the firewall problem as well. or is it? why does it work like that? help, please!
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Re: trouble with connecting to the official server

Post by nataS »

Server has issues every now and then, because of the playerload.
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