EI Unexpected Appearance requires luck to beat eastern leader?

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EI Unexpected Appearance requires luck to beat eastern leader?

Post by josteph »

I noticed that nearly every single one of the replays of An Unexpected Appearance (EI S3) has one or more points where the AI was likely to kill Dacyn or Gweddry in one turn. In the replays created with wesnoth 1.9 and newer I counted 5 times where the AI had >10% CTK against Dacyn or Gweddry. There was even one point where the AI had 49% CTK against Gweddry.

In that scenario, death of Dacyn or Gweddry means game over.

I know it's an old campaign, but I have to ask, is it possible to beat the eastern leader without taking such risks?

edit: Just checked, this also happens in S4b.
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Re: EI Unexpected Appearance requires luck to beat eastern leader?

Post by gweddeoran »

I have massacred his entire army as well as that of the western leader on the hardest difficulty multiple times. Probably, these players were just doing it that way cause they were in a hurry or were having fun with the 'risk-factor'. :lol:
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Re: EI Unexpected Appearance requires luck to beat eastern leader?

Post by Dreamteam »

I can't load most of those replays to watch due to version incompatibility. Gotta say though I find most advice in the wiki campaign walkthrough to be extremely dodgy for hard setting. In this case, sending either Gweddry or Dacyn off alone, or exposing either to being mobbed at night by defending the castle is suicidal. That might work on easy, but not on hard.

I'm working on refining my strategy for this scenario to do a no-reload replay on hard, and don't quite have it down yet. But I do have a replay where neither Gweddry nor Dacyn are ever in danger of dying. Whenever they are being risked in combat, it is entirely my own choice.

Full Disclosure: I had to reload this game several times on turns 4-6 to get the results I wanted, but it was mostly due to horrendous bad luck (7 out of 9 arcane attacks miss, etc.). Also the Mage surviving the skelly counterattack on turn 4 was unlikely. And I put Dacyn unnecessarily in danger in turn 7, though the AI didn't attack him as I expected. So it is not really a solid strategy yet, since it requires/depends too much on luck. But the idea is there.

But in spite of the reloads, I feel confident the answer to your question is 'Yes', it is possible.
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