Bandits from Brown Hills (Campaign for 1.16.x)

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Bandits from Brown Hills (Campaign for 1.16.x)

Post by ZombieKnight »

Bandits from Brown Hills is a work-in-progress campaign that has been created and maintained by me. Only 1/7-8 scenarios are done for now but I would appreciate feedback on it.

Although it's only one scenario, it's i think hard and long (but not boring), only difficulty challenging is balanced.

Any constructive criticism and/or advice on the scenarios, units, balance, characters, portraits, maps or dialogue would be greatly appreciated. Keep in mind I am a one person team creating the maps and scenarios, though I have had some help with the code.
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Re: Bandits from Brown Hills (Campaign for 1.16.x)

Post by Konrad2 »

Soliders -> Soldiers
casle -> castle
Soliders -> Soldiers
in this chest -> in this chest.
poor $unit -> poor $unit.

See replay and feedback on discord.
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