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Post by schilffarth »

"Embark on a journey with Kalgor, whose world is shattered with his father's murder in front of his eyes. Forged in the crucible of battle, betrayal and deception, his fate sparks with glory and tragedy."

(Intermediate level, 9 scenarios.)


Please let me know any sort of feedback you can think of. The feedback may include, but is not limited to:

- Story telling (typos, story progression, character development, narrative guidance, logical errors)
- Scenario conception
- Map design
- Gameplay
- Balancing Easy / Normal / Hard difficulties
- WML-code

Discord: @durmoth
Github (optional ai-art):
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Re: Deception - SP Campaign

Post by schilffarth »

Update: Deception is now available on the 1.16 add-on server without AI-generated artwork. The AI-art has been extracted to another repository ( as an optional installable package.
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Re: Deception - Orcish SP Campaign (2 Parts)

Post by doofus-01 »

Just to chime in on the AI generated art issue: You did the right thing and disclosed where it came from. The issue is in flux - like everyone else with skin in the game, we need to proceed with caution and we are trying to figure out what it all means. A year from now, we could all look back at this and laugh, but for now it's best if we keep the AI art out.
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Re: Deception - Orcish SP Campaign (2 Parts)

Post by Konrad2 »

When you free Tronk, they are placed on an impassable hex.

If possilbe make it more clear that the WIP option is not available.

Why do you call the Trolls loyal companions, when none of them are loyal?

I'm getting some lua errors when advancing a unit to a Bone Shooter. (Both by mentoring or normally.)
Why am I no longer able to reruit trolls?
Another Lua bug, in 'Shattered Requiem', but I am unsure about what caused it.
I have no idea where Part 2 is. According to the post here PArt 2 is somewhere.

(Ftr, almost all scenarios
are quite brutal.)

Also, there were several mentions of 'men' when it should have been 'orcs'. (Stuff like 'him and his men'.)
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Re: Deception

Post by schilffarth »

Hello @Konrad2,

thank you for the valuable feedback.

The originally planned story and campaign layout was changed throughout its development, and there is only one "part" of the campaign, the one you find on the 1.16 add-on server. It has 9 scenarios.

Maybe I will pick on the once planned Part 2 at some point in the future, but for now, "Deception" features only this one campaign with 9 scenarios.

Thank you :)
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Re: Deception

Post by white_haired_uncle »

Code: Select all

_main.cfg:        code = << wesnoth.dofile("~add-ons/deception/lua/_main.lua") >>
There's no lua directory, at least in the git version.
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Re: Deception

Post by schilffarth »

the lua errors might be caused by the extraction of content to the `rps-units` add-on and a prior download from github, with an update from the add-ons server of deception.

the lua errors might be fixed by deleting the entire deception add-on and freshly downloading it via the add-ons manager
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