Connect6, a tabletop game implemented in Wesnoth

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Connect6, a tabletop game implemented in Wesnoth

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I present you Connect6, a tabletop tic-tac-toe-like game, implemented in Wesnoth. It's described in although rules are very simple: on the first turn the first player places one unit on the board. After that each player places two units per turn. The goal is to create a line of 6 or more units.

Now, in this Wesnoth implementation to place a unit you just recruit it (the field is a big castle). There are four maps currently in the addon: 13x13, 29x13, 29x29 and 19x19. It may be useful to turn on grid (Preference > Display > Show grid) and adjust zoom for larger maps (although it's probably not very comfortable to play if a map doesn't fit the screen)

The only difference of this implementation compared to the classic game is the use of the hexagonal board, which makes the game different but I hope not in a bad way.
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